Pregnant Bryce Dallas Howard Loves The Glow, But Still Nauseous

Bryce Dallas Howard is still experiencing nauseous while pregnant with her second child.

“[The glow] is the one good thing that comes along with this,” Howard told PEOPLE on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards. “I’m still feeling a little nauseous to be honest.”

However, being at a star studded event helped keep the actress’ food down.

“I was most star struck meeting them than anyone else I’ve ever met,” Howard admits. “And still if I see Taylor Lautner on the carpet, I’m like, ‘Ooh, there he is. Is he still underage?’”

“It’s great to be at a place like this where it’s kind of relaxed,” she continued. “But it also gets your adrenaline going and it’s sort of eventful. It keeps my mind off the nausea.”

And there is another perk to being pregnant, it’s not being judged for gaining weight.

“I don’t feel judged for gaining weight,” the actress said with a laugh. “I’ve gained some weight.”

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