A No Show For Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child At Graduation

According to TMZ, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child didn’t show up to his own middle school graduation on Friday for his own protection.

Arnold’s mistress, Mildred Baena told TMZ that she took the boy out of school last month once the news broke about Arnold being his real father.

The family is hoping the scandal will blow over ASAP so they can return to their lives.

Poor kid.

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  1. momma2 says

    That makes me so sad. This boys life has been turned upside down because someone felt the need to put a good scandal ahead of a child’s well-being. 🙁 I hate that this boy will never have a normal life all because his mom and Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t put their own needs and desires aside for the sake of others. Gross. I cannot believe he had to miss his graduation from junior high. and that his mom had pull him from school!!! So wrong.


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