Keith Richards Has A Drug Discussion With Daughter

Rolling Stone rocker Keith Richards knows first hand what it’s like to be charged with drug-related offenses, and has provided guidance to his troubled daughter, Theodora Richards,  to learn from his mistakes.

Keith said:

“My daughter did get popped a few months ago for, like, a miniscule amount of marijuana, so I told her to give up being arrested and she agreed with me.

“I just said, ‘Stop that, it’s no fun’ and she said, ‘You’re right.’ “

What also may have helped Theodora change her mind, was by learning the hard way.  After getting busted, using her parent’s names to drop the charges would have been the easy way out, but Theodora paid for her mistake.

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

“She didn’t let on who her parents were, she spent a night in the tank and kept quiet and I said, ‘That’s the way to handle it.”

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