Angelina Jolie Considers Herself ‘Lucky’ To Have Brad Pitt

Despite Brad Pitt feeling like he makes mistakes as a parent, Angelina Jolie feels that he’s a wonderful dad and partner. During a press event for ‘Kung Fu Panda 2‘, the mother of six shared:

“I love being with Brad. I’m very lucky with [him]. He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man’s man.”

“It’s special time for daddy when mom works for a few months. And Brad is such a great dad. When I’m working, he’s putting in the extra dad time, and that’s special for their relationship, too.”

Angelina has a crazy schedule with her work obligations and her position as a UNHCR Ambassador, but she still makes it her #1 priority to be there for her kids:

“I’m always there on weekends.  I only ever work a five-day week, and I am often there for breakfast or dinner. When I’m working, they come up at lunch. I love that I can have children.”

It was the promise she and Brad made when they decided to have a large family together:

“if we could be really hands-on and take the kids with us, seeing them every day.”

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