James McAvoy Hasn’t Been Affected By Fatherhood Yet

Actor James McAvoy is not sure if fatherhood has changed him quite yet because his son is still so young.

James has an 11-month-old son Brendan with actress wife Anne-Marie Duff.

“I don’t know really,” James said when asked if fatherhood has affected him. “We’ll have to wait and see as it goes on. I think you can only answer that in 18 years time.”

Even though he may not be effected by fatherhood just yet, James admits he’s happier with his life than ever, especially with his career.

“I stopped myself from enjoying the work too much when I was younger because of my fear of lack of success,” he said.

“But then suddenly I realised that and decided, ‘Right, ‘I’d better get on with it. I love what I’m doing. Whatever’s going to happen will happen and it will be fine.’ ”

And he jokes,

“People have been asking me about fame since I did ‘Narnia’. It never seemed to happen,” he said.

“I’ve been recognized on the streets maybe about 10 times since then. It never really worries me that stuff.”

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