Venettini Footwear Styles For Boys

Yesterday we showed you Venettini’s awesome shoe line for little girls and we figured the little boys deserved equal time!

Fashion starts young, and no one knows better than Venettini footwear. To keep little feet comfortable, invest in well-constructed shoes. The exceptional European quality and craftsmanship of Venettini ensure that every pair will fit comfortably and stand up to your child’s daily use. Venettini has a long tradition of not only providing fashion that looks good, but also fashion that feels good and provides the support growing feet need.

For over 20 years, Venettini has been designing and manufacturing better children’s footwear with an emphasis on fashion and style. The brand has grown organically and steadily under the management of Kinderland, Inc., a family business dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing mid to high-end children’s footwear. Venettini can be found on, and, among other specialty shoe retailers in the United States.

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