Kate Hudson Let Destiny Decide If She Should Get Pregnant

Kate Hudson let destiny takes its course in deciding whether or not she should have another baby.

“We just let destiny take its course. I actually didn’t want a second child before my 33rd birthday,” said Kate, who already has a seven-year-old son Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Kate has enjoyed being pregnant again, but admits there have been some changes in her body which she hasn’t enjoyed.

“Normally I’ve got cup size A, now I’m almost a D. In some situations big boobs are funny, but in most they aren’t,” she said.

The Nine star has also revealed what she loves most about 32-year-old Matt — his honesty.

“I’m actually with someone who knows how to have fun. The only thing I’ve been looking for my whole life was honesty, and that’s hard to find,” she said.

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