Did Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Break Up Over Kids?

LEONARDO DiCaprio dumped girlfriend Bar Refaeli because she didn’t want to have children.

Leonardo DiCaprio and long-time girlfriend Bar Refaeli recently broke up, and it may be over marriage and kids.

Insiders are saying that the model wasn’t ready to start a family life.

“Leo told Bar he expected kids if they walk down the aisle,” a source said.

“While Bar sees herself as being a mom down the road, and wants a family, her career is on fire right now.

“She knows that she’s not going to get many modeling assign­ments with a pregnant belly.

“Leo is so angry that he basically told her to ‘take a hike’ – he feels like he was wasting his time with her.”

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  1. April says

    Her career is on fire? Really? I had no idea. She was only famous because she was with Leo. And since when is Leo not afraid of commitment? He says in interviews that he wants marriage and children, but he has put in no effort at a serious long-lasting commitment. Even in his relationship with Bar, they were on-again, off-again all of the time. And now he is with Blake Lively, which is about as big a joke of a relationship as Hollywood has seen in awhile, especially now with Blake’s supposed premonitions that she would marry Leo. Oh, and they are also living together and Leo has never felt so in love or happy in his life. Really? Then why was he seen on a sidewalk in New York or wherever it was looking like he was picking up a prostitute. Give me a break.

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