Camille Grammer Isn’t Going To Let Kelsey Grammer Get Away With Sole Custody

Camille Grammer isn’t going to make it easy for ex-husband Kelsey Grammer in the battle of custody for their children.

Kelsey recently said he’s fighting for sole custody of their children together, and guess what?  Camille isn’t going to have it.  She will fight him to the death!

“Kelsey is angry that she didn’t walk away from the marriage without a fight,” a source said. “Kelsey is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. He is incredibly rich and powerful and doesn’t like being told no. But after years of being in his shadow Camille has had enough. When it comes to her children she will fight for what’s best for them.

“The children have routines, school, friends and are surrounded by people they know and love. To move them across the country to spend time with their dad and his new wife, whom they hardly know, and nannies while their father is working makes no sense at all.”

Camille is baffled by Kelsey’s actions, and thinks he’s being “insensitive” toward the children.

“Kelsey is being insensitive to our children,” she said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the actor has refused to comment on the custody battle, saying the filing of the legal papers “speaks for itself”: “Any statement would be inappropriate. The filing speaks for itself.”

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