Mariska Hargitay Talks About Parenting Two Kids And Reducing Her Role On ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Law & Order: SVU‘ star Mariska Hargitay adopted a baby girl back in April and last night at an event for her Joyful Heart Foundation, she shares that parenting two kids is a big change:

“It’s a new skill to have two children that want you at the same time. Sometimes … I wanted to rip my hair out.  Where I’m like, ‘August! Amaya! August! Amaya!’ You don’t know what to do.”

“So … [it’s my] first time with two-children syndrome and I’m trying to figure it all out. But so far everyone’s been pretty good.”

She gushes about baby girl Amaya:

She is dreamy. I am not going to lie: It was very difficult leaving the house tonight. It’s very difficult leaving the house anytime with my baby at home. But for this it’s worth it.”

Mariska says that son August, 4, is a doting big brother:

He is so protective. He is a little bit like the gate-keeper of her. He’s been really amazing … so affectionate. He says, ‘I’m going to be her protector.’ And something else. Teacher. Guider and protector. She gets a lot of kisses.”

Mariska is looking forward to reducing her role on ‘L&O’ next season so that she can spend more time with family. (it’s rumored that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the running for the new female lead)

“I’m so madly in love and married to my show.  This foundation has come out of it. But it’s been very difficult for me with two kids, so what I wanted this year in terms of my deal was lifestyle issues … I needed more time with my kids. So I will be working a little bit less and eventually getting a little promotion, so we are going to bring on a new detective.”

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