Owen Wilson Jumps Right Into His Role As A Father

Actor Owen Wilson opened up with Parents magazine about his new role as a dad.  He shared that diaper changing wasn’t nearly as hard as he expected it to be:

“Changing a flat tire is much harder. I thought changing diapers was going to be challenging, but from the first day, I jumped right into it. I have my whole system down and I’m able to just knock it out. I sort of surprised myself by being a fairly adept dad.”

The celebrity dad is voicing a new ‘Cars‘ attraction at Disneyland and thinks it’ll be pretty cool when his son is old enough to visit the themepark:

“I was thinking about how that’s the place you want to go to the most as a child, and the idea that my voice will be in this park is sort of incredible.  One day I’ll take my kid there and to be a part of that ride will make me feel kind of proud.”

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