Jesse James Wants To Be A Good Father

Jesse James would like to be a “good dad” to Sandra Bullock’s 15-month-old son Louis, eventhough Sandra has denied Jesse contact with the boy.  Jesse hopes Louis will seek him out when he gets older.

“Well, I think it will always be a source of pain, you know? I hope that some day when he grows up that he knows that, you know, he had a good dad, or still has one,” Jesse said. “You know? If the opportunity to be part of his life ever presents itself, of course, you know I’ll step up.

“I’ve kind of come to grips with the reality of it, and the situation that I can’t control. So, you know, I think once I did that it — it kind of, you know, became less painful.”

But Louis isn’t the only child Jesse wants to be a good father to, he has been focusing on being a good dad to his childrn Chandler (13), Jesse Jr. (11) and Sunny (7) from a previous relationship with porn star Janine Lindelmulder.

And although things went sour between Jesse and Sandra, Jesse still feels like he’s left in the middle to explain to his children what had happened.

“You know, if anything I think it taught me — I have to appreciate the three kids that I do have,” he said.

“You know, there’s questions. I think it’s been the hardest for Sunny. Because you know you know, Sandy was Sunny’s mom more than her real mom. And you know, it’s… I’m left in the middle to like explain.

“I think the older kids understand the situation and understand, hey, that’s the definition of divorce, gone, splitting, separation.”

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  1. marti says

    I “like” wouldn’t read this book even if someone “like” gave it to me, “like” ya know? :\ Geeze Jessie .. GROW UP!

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