Tilda Swinton Says Childbirth Is ‘Violent’ & ‘Murderous’

Tilda Swinton believes childbirth is “violent” and that Hollywood glamorizes birth, which is a “murderous” experience.

“In movies, and particularly in television films, when people have babies they are sitting in a hospital room and there are flowers everywhere,” she said.

“They are made up, magically, and they have a baby in their arms and it’s all really lovely. They start getting pink baby clothes. It’s a truly, truly murderous business. It’s violent.”

The Oscar-winning actress thinks women who can’t handle the nature of childbirth may find themselves “up a gum tree.”

“If one doesn’t embrace that [violence], if one can’t embrace it — and it’s really tough to do that — then you’re up a gum tree because it means you’re going to be cutting off a whole part of yourself,” she said.

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