Sarah Jessica Parker Is Thankful For Babysitter

Sarah Jessica Parker is grateful for her babysitter because without her, Sarah wouldn’t be able to handle her busy career and family life.

While in Cannes promoting her new movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Sarah told the Mail on Sunday newspaper:

“It’s so tough for us girls, especially with kids. I manage like the rest of us, I have a babysitter which is how I manage to be here doing this, Yes, it’s all a challenge, but you know, we get by.”

Now just think about those single mothers who have no help and have to work more than one job.

Sarah has also recently revealed that she hates being away from her children.

She said:

“Even now I think about the separation and it makes my stomach hurt. I think about my son waking up on his birthday without me there, and I could die.”

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