John Travolta Is A Laid Back Kind Of Parent

John Travolta admits he’s a very easy going parent, and is prepared to support his children – Ella (11) and six-month-old Benjamin – through anything.

He said:

“I’m a bit of a pushover, I love being a dad. There’s no downside to it. My parents were so supportive of my sister, brothers and I, and I loved them for it. Now it’s my turn. I’ve learned a great deal from being a dad and hanging out as a family.”

He added to Britain’s OK! magazine:

“It has been rough but you work hard at healing.

“Everything about having a baby is wonderful – holding him, singing to him, being with him and his sister. Just quiet family time. It’s the best, it’s pure joy.

“I get my inspiration from Kelly and our children. It’s all about the family I can’t think of anything more fun than family time. I am smitten with my family they are my priority.”

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