Drugs Stopped Stevie Nicks From Having Kids

Former Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks never had children because of her addiction to prescription drugs.

The drug? Klonopin after overcoming a cocaine addition.

“The only thing I would change about my life is walking into that psychiatrist’s office who prescribed me Klonopin. That ruined my life for eight years,” she said.

“God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby.

“That was my prime eight years. That was a big mistake. Everything else was exactly how it should have been.”

Stevie blames the doctor for eight year addiction.

“That was just a stupid doctor making a groupie mistake and just wanting me to come in there, tell him about all my music friends and young Hollywood, and that nearly ruined my life and nearly killed me,” she said.

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