Angelina Jolie’s Motherly Inner Peace

Angelina Jolie has a large family, which means a lot going on simultaneously, but she has found a way to have a peace of mind when she knows her children are safe and healthy.

How does she find her inner peace?  She said:

“Especially for people that have children. You wake up and if they’re healthy, you know that that’s the most important thing, so you have first of all that peace. They also come with a lot of chaos, but we’re all searching for it. It’s part of the human journey.

“We all have moments of inner peace and we lose it and we look for it again. But really it’s in knowing the people you love are safe and healthy. That’s the best.”

Part of her children being safe and healthy is having them learn discipline and how-to defend themselves through martial arts.

Speaking at a press conference in Cannes, she said:

“My boys are in martial arts classes. Boys are boys and they have a certain kind of energy, naturally.

“It’s been wonderful to get them focused on martial arts to teach them about the discipline and the respect and the control of their own bodies. I think to ignore that that’s a part of humanity, especially little boys, is wrong.

“So it’s to help guide them – what’s a positive thing, what’s a good guy, To try not to use violence certainly, but if you have to, to defend yourself.”

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