Chaz Bono Never Doubted Mother’s Love

Cher’s son, Chaz Bono, never doubted how much his mother loves him while he struggled with adapting to his new identity.

“She has this personality of being so kind of cool about stuff and progressive but people forget that she’s a parent,” Chaz said.

“The truth is a lot of parents never speak to their transgendered kids again. That’s not the case in my family. There’s no doubt about my mother’s love for me.”

Part of Chaz’s struggle was re-learning how to be with his partner Jennifer Elias.

“We had to really almost re-learn how to communicate and how to be around each other,” he said.

“Things had changed. Just me saying the same thing that I would have before with a deeper voice and more of a presence.”

“Suddenly things didn’t mean the same thing to her. And so we really had to, you know, adjust our – how we did things and relearn how to be together.”

“It was really hard,” Jennifer added.

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