Johnny Depp Wanting Another Child?

Johnny Depp feels like having another child thanks to Penelope Cruz!

While filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Johnny admits to admiring Penelope’s ‘bun in the oven’ making him want another.

The celeb dad already has two kids, daughter Lily-Rose (11) and Jack (8), with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

“It’s great to watch the three of them in action. It’s just adorable and it makes you incredibly broody and clucky.”

When the actor visited his friends Penelope and hubby Javier Bardem after the birth of their son Leo – watching the couple interact as first time parents reminded Johnny of how great it was to be a new father.

He added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“They came to the house and I’d go to their place – to see new parents with their little angel definitely brings back memories. You start thinking, ‘Oh wow, I’d like to have another one of those.’ But I don’t know . two’s pretty good.”

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