Dannii Minogue Wore Beau’s Clothes While In Labor

Dannii Minogue is thankful that no one took pictures of her while she was in labor with her first child Ethan because of her manly wardrobe.

She said:

“The one time I raided Kris’ wardrobe was when I was getting ready to go to the hospital for the birth of Ethan. When we had to go, we had to go, so I just whisked around with helicopter arms and put on anything within reach.

“I had old-man Ugg slippers on, a pair of Kris’ tracksuit pants rolled up at the ankle (they were the only thing I could get around the bump), a big winter coat, one of his golf caps and his sunglasses.”

Despite wearing her beau, Kris Smith’s, clothes, Dannii is glad to have the memory forever.

She added to Glamour magazine:

“I did not look like Kim Basinger in ‘9 ½ Weeks’, and I definitely did not look like Helena Christensen in the ‘Wicked Game’ video, but it is something I will remember in the rose-tinted photo album of my memory forever.

“I am, however, eternally grateful no one was around with a real camera that day!”

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