Cate Blanchett Has Boundaries For Her Children

Mom Cate Blanchett isn’t about being her children’s friend.  The actress admits she believes in strict parenting and teaching them boundaries.

“I don’t enjoy being the bad cop but sometimes I have to be,” she said.

“My husband and I worry about our generation trying to be friends with their children rather than parents of their children. If you’re going to try and make your children like you, you’re in dangerous waters I think.”

But being strict doesn’t mean she wants her children to fear her.  She wants them to be able to talk to her as they grow older.

“I think I’m pretty loving, but what I do know is that you have to let them talk and you have to listen,” she said. “I hope that when they’re 15, they’re still talking as freely to us as now.”

Family is very important to Cate, that not even her successful career comes before them.  Cate almost turned down playing a CIA agent in Hanna alongside Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan because she didn’t want to be away from her family too long.  However, Cate accepted the role when filming was reduced from 8 weeks to 22 days that’s crazy!

“Sometimes you have to say no to things, but in the end the right people make the film whether you’re part of it or not,” she said.

Cate has three sons – Dashiell (9), Roman (7), and Ignatius (3) – with husband Andrew Upton.

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