Jesse James Couldn’t Write About Baby Louis In Memoir

Jesse James didn’t open up about the baby boy he adopted with Sandra Bullock in his new memoir, because writing about the tot was too painful.

Their marriage fell apart in March, 2010 when his infidelity was exposed in a tabloid and his divorce from Bullock was finalized months later.  It was later then revealed that the couple had started a family of their own two months before trouble hit, adopting baby Louis from Louisiana, and Bullock completed the adoption process as a single mother following their split.

James has now laid bare his troubled life in his autobiography, American Outlaw, in which he comes clean about his affair and takes “full accountability” for his heartbreaking betrayal.  In an interview with People magazine, Jesse admits he was emotionally distraught during his marriage breakdown, but new fiancee Kat Von D has helped him bounce back – and now he is putting his family first.  He says,

“Everything got ripped to shreds… I was at my breaking point… I’m moving forward, thinking clearly and becoming a better person… I have started life over.”

But there’s one aspect of his life he couldn’t bring himself to talk about in his memoir – baby Louis, now 16 months old.

He added,

“Talking about Louis almost felt too intimate. He is so sweet and I miss him.”

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