Pregnant Mel B. Is Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

A pregnant Mel B. says she can’t stop eating!  She said:

“Every pregnancy is different but one guarantee is I go like a house, arse, t*ts, everything.

“I’m at the waddling stage. I’ve got three big bumps!

“What can I say, I like eating. I think that when you’re pregnant, you kind of eat what you want, when you want. Mine is all day long and all night long. But I don’t mind.”

And Mel who has been in the news for getting in shape, hasn’t been working out as much.

She added:

“I go off any kind of workout when I’m pregnant. All my three pregnancies I’ve kind of avoided it.”

But her curves aren’t scarying off her husband.

She said:

“Stephen can’t wait for me to get to the proper baby belly-popping stage.”

Mel has two daughters – Phoenix (12) and Angel (4) – from previous relationships, and is stepmother to husband Stephen Belafonte’s daugher, Giselle (6).

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