Claim: Elizabeth Taylor Has Secret Love Child

Reports are claiming that recently deceased Elizabeth Taylor has a secret lovechild, Norah, who is living in Ireland.

According to Psychic John Cohan, Taylor paid an Irish family to bring up baby Norah.

“The studio and her mother gave baby Norah away,” Cohan told the New York Post newspaper.

The father?  Any of three men.

“Money was exchanged,” Cohan added. “Living in Ireland, the child, resenting the mother who gave her up, wanted nothing to do with Elizabeth.”

Cohan claims the actress pleaded with him to “say nothing until I’m gone.”

Do you believe this?  Hhmm…skeptical, very skeptical.  But I guess no one really knows except for Ms. Taylor.

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  1. Kathie says

    I am pretty sure Taylor had a child in 1950-take a good look at her tummy in the film Ivanhoe!And that hospitalization after her divorce from Hilton?The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!And I know who & where the child is now!Investigate!

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