Farnoosh Torabi Shares 5 Spring Tips For Making Good Money Decisions

Bing launched their mobile deals platform on m.bing.com last week, a great tool for mobile users who are looking for local deals while on the go. In conjunction with the launch, Bing has teamed up with Farnoosh Torabi, a leading personal finance expert, author and TV personality to share advice on easy ways you can enjoy the spring season without breaking your budget.

Farnoosh Torabi’s Top 5 Spring Tips for Making Better Pocketbook Decisions

1. Use Bing Mobile Deals (m.bing.com) as your one-stop-shop for local discounts.

2. Before making purchases take a moment to consider the trade-offs.  When making big purchases call a friend for a second opinion.

3. Plan more time around your shopping trips. Procrastinating often leads to overspending and impulse buying.

4. Create a to-do list to help achieve all your shopping goals.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts when shopping. When you are buying multiples of an item ask the store if they can knock 10% off for you or throw in some sort of freebie.

Next time you’re out shopping and curious to know if any stores are offering online deals, visit m.Bing.com, which uses the GPS capability on your iPhone or Android to find deals based on your location. Bing aggregates over 200,000 local deals in over 14,000 cities from Groupon, Living Social, Restaurant.com, Tippr and more, saving you all that time spent each day sorting through endless deal alert emails!

Interested in trying it out? Just go to m.bing.com and click on the “deals” tab on your iPhone or Android; no downloads are necessary.  You can search more than 20 categories or by a specific keyword to find the deal that suits your needs.

Pretty cool, right?

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