Johnny Depp’s Daughter Is A ‘Belieber’

Johnny Depp doesn’t like his daughter’s obsession with Justin Bieber.

The actor is learning how to accept his 11-year-old daughter Lily-Rose’s fascination with the young Canadian heartthrob.

“Unfortunately, Lily Rose is now severely interested in boys,” Johnny said. “That’s horrible for me as her dad. I recently met Justin Bieber at a press conference. When I told her that, she changed her color several times. Jack is like me when I was eight. Totally obsessed with World War II.”

Depp is in awe of how mature his daughter is for her age.

“She is almost 12 and she’s incredible mature for her age, almost frightening smart,” he said.

“She writes little poems and I can picture her starting to write her own songs soon. She has the voice of her mother.”

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    I was hoping that Lily would become an actress. I guess she has all she needs with her father in the business.

    I wanted to model from online ads, but I was pranked and it was freaky. I just don’t know. I was advised at the bank (with the check that wasn’t real to them) to contact a local agency, but I just wanna wait until I feel up to it.

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