Mariah Carey Ponders Children’s Future In Their Nursery

Mariah Carey is loving the nursery she has built for her twin babies, who will soon be on their way.

Mariah sits in the nursery staring at the ceiling pondering what the children’s future will bring.  She said:

“I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment for the babies. Everything matches, but pieces are individualized to celebrate the twins as separate entities.

“The ceiling has orangey-pink clouds in a blue sky with golden stars twinkling. It’s based on two songs I wrote that are fan favorites, ‘Underneath the Stars’ and ‘Close My Eyes’.

“Sometimes I just sit in the nursery and stare at the ceiling because I love it so much. To me, it symbolizes wanting my children to dream as big as possible and to let their imaginations be unbridled.”

Photos by Fame pictures

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