The 2011 Maclaren Volo

Maclaren makes some of the very finest strollers in the world. There is a Maclaren to suite every situation and these are strollers that are built to last not just through 1 child, but for generations. The Volo is no exception. If you need a lightweight stroller that will go anywhere with you and still hold a 4 or even 5 year old on occasion, this is the one for you. At just under 9 pounds, this stroller will still hold a 55 pound child, yet is small enough to leave in the trunk, store in the  closet, carry on the bus or subway, throw over your shoulder when needed during a day at the zoo or to easily take on vacation. Suitable from 6 months and up, the Volo offers a full canopy, vey compact, one-handed fold (yes you can easily fold it while holding your child), secure and easily adjustable 5-point harness, aluminum frame, foot brake, nice sized basket and an very handy include raincover. Offered in 4 colors, the Volo retails for $129.00 and can be outfitted with the many handy Maclaren accessories for even more customization.

No need to take my word for how great this little stroller is. Below is a review from a mom who field tested the Volo on vacation.

Mom’s Search for the Perfect Stroller – our guest reviewer, Stephanie Hill, reviews the 2011 Maclaren Volo:

In the less than four years I’ve had two kids and four strollers, does something sound wrong about that ratio to you?! After years of searching for the right stroller we have finally found one that suits us – the Maclaren Volo! But let me back track … when our daughter was born we bought a large travel system. The matching stroller with a car seat, that matched the diaper bag and the pack n play, because of course this is what matters right? Practicality is overrated when you’re a new parent. My husband calls this stroller the “Cadillac,” because it’s large, hard to maneuver and doesn’t fit in tight spaces.

When our daughter was ten months old we found out we were expecting again, so it was time to trade in the “Cadillac” for the “limousine.” We purchased to a Tandem Sit & Stand stroller. Although this stroller served its purpose in that we could bring both kids places and keep them confined to one space, we faced the issue of leaving a wake of destruction in our path. We would bump into people as we tried politely to move around them, we’d pull the clothes off the racks in stores, I can’t even tell you how many times I ran over my own foot trying to back that thing up! Plus neither stroller seemed to ever have enough storage room underneath and squeezing into tight places proved impossible.

I was actually relieved when my daughter outgrew the stroller! Chasing her through the store had to be easier than dealing with either of these strollers. So, when she officially boycotted the stroller for good, we went out and bought an umbrella stroller. We decided that since we already owned two strollers, we could get by with an inexpensive umbrella stroller. Well, that was a joke. I mean, sure it was easier to move, but guess what? Small strollers have NO good features. The hood worked approximately once, the basket down below holds, well, practically nothing, not to mention there was no tray, no cup holder, nothing to brag about. Do I even need to mention that small strollers become very top heavy, so if you put bags and purses on the handles and take your child out, of course it’s all going to topple over! It took me, oh, I don’t know, 100 times to figure this out!

Late last year we decided we were going to take our kids on a real family vacation to Disney World in February. As excited as we were, we also faced the challenge of which stroller would be best to bring, the Cadillac, the limo, or the useless one? As you can imagine we weren’t excited about ANY of these options. Luckily, we were approached by Maclaren offering us a 2011 Maclaren Volo stroller to test out on our vacation! Of course THAT was an offer we couldn’t resist!

I know a lot of people who own Maclarens, and all of them are so pleased with their strollers. For some reason we had never tried one, but we learned very quickly that was a mistake! When we are traveling with two toddlers, two carseats, four suitcases and two carry-ons, having a stroller that we could use for both the kids and transporting some of our baggage was FANTASTIC!! The Volo has a nice size seat which makes it comfortable for either my 2 or 3 year old. The hood is very large, so in sunny Florida, we didn’t have to worry about too much sun exposure, and on those days when it rained, it offered nice protection for our little ones. The basket underneath was the perfect size for the bag we brought to the parks every day, and since it’s sturdy, when we put a few things on the handles, it didn’t go straight to the ground.

Although it’s a very basic stroller, I really enjoyed the many features of the Maclaren Volo. There is no recline with this model, but each of my children were able to fall asleep and stay asleep comfortably. When the kids weren’t using the stroller, we were able to put small suitcases or bags in the seat so we had less to drag around with us. It is easy to maneuver and fits nicely through tight spaces, and someone even remarked to me that it is really quiet, which I hadn’t considered, but they were right. The Maclaren Volo has a one hand fold so it opens and shuts quickly and easily, and is really light which is great when you are running to hop on the tram or the monorail. It also has a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry, and leaves mom’s hands free for the kids. The other thing that I LOVED was that when the stroller is shut and locked it takes up very little trunk space. I certainly can’t say THAT for either of our first 2 strollers. The only thing I wish it had is a tray for snacks/drinks for the munchkins, but it has so many positive features, this is something I can overlook. Maclaren gave us one of the new 2011 colors – called Deep Water. It’s the perfect shade for either a boy or a girl!

But if you don’t believe me, maybe the testimonial of a little Maclaren Volo user herself will convince you.  I asked my daughter what she thought of it, and she answered simply, with a huge smile and a nod “I love it.”

Please visit the Maclaren site for more information and to see the full line of Maclaren strollers

Disclosure: Maclaren provided Stephanie with a Volo for the review, which she was allowed to keep.

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