A Girl For Kate Hudson?

Kate Hudson feels like she may be having a girl.

The actress did the “pendulum test” which indicates the sex of a child.

“So here’s the pendulum test,” she said. “You take a piece of hair and you take a ring, and you string it through — this is very witchy of me!

“And then what you do is you hold it over your stomach. And then if it moves in a circle, it’s a girl and a boy goes back and forth.”

Kate demonstrated the result on Entertainment Tonight and couldn’t dream of having a girl.

“How crazy is that? I’ve had no dreams I’m having a girl. And with Ryder it was back-and-forth,” she said.

However, if the baby did come out a boy, there will be no disappointment.  Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn believes Kate’s eldest, Ryder, would be happy to have a brother.

“If the baby comes out a boy — to see the look on Ryder’s face to have a brother? I mean, forget it!” she added.

But momma Kate sides with the pendulum thinking she may be having a girl.

“It’s been seven years and I’ve totally forgot about what it’s like to be – you know, your body changing and moving – and it’s just, it couldn’t be a more opposite pregnancy,” she said.

“So of course everybody says, ‘Well, then that means you’re having a girl’, but I don’t want to know.”

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