Padma Lakshmi’s Daughter Is A City Baby

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi told People magazine that her daughter Krishna Thea is loving city life.

“She’s definitely a city baby,” said Lakshmi, 40.

“I was a city child too, whether it was in a big Indian city like Bombay or here in New York City, so she’s the same. She loves being in the city.

“She’s growing every day and always learning and seeing and discovering new things. So it’s wonderful to see the world through her eyes.

“She always likes going out and seeing new things. We walk around a lot and that’s a way for her to kind of explore.

“She eats what I eat. She’s on a lacto-vegetarian Indian diet.

“She’s still breastfeeding, that’s where the lacto part comes in. She can’t eat the spicy food that I love since it would be too hard on her system but other than that she’ll eat the foods that I make for her.”

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