Selma Blair’s Pregnancy Cravings

Selma Blair is having all sorts of cravings being pregnant with her first child.

“For a while I was craving things that were really sweet, but I don’t eat sugar and I don’t eat gluten so it’s difficult,” Selma told People magazine.

“I crave a lot of fruit and I eat far too much dairy, which I didn’t eat before I was pregnant and won’t eat after I give birth, but I’m enjoying it now.”

The actress, who is pregnant with her fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick, thinks her pregnancy is going “perfectly well,” except for some sleepless nights.

“I think Vegas is the answer for pregnant people because of insomnia,” she said.

“It’s open all the time and you go down and play your silly slots … It’s nice to have people up when I am right now. It’s a rare thing. And there is always food.”

Selma is due this summer.

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