A Happy Single Mom, Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan has no qualms about being a single mom.

The singer raises daughters, India (9) and Taa-Jah (3), who she had with her ex-husband Ashwing Sood – the married couple split back in 2009.

“It’s nice because I don’t have anybody else telling me what not to do,” Sarah said.

“That being said, my ex-husband has been a great dad. My kids are with him right now, and I feel totally happy leaving them with him. We parent similarly, and I’ve got a great support system. I’m lucky – I have a nanny. I’ve got a lot of help.”

Seems is also happy that her daughters aren’t terrible picky eaters, they at least eat their veggies.

“They’re not too bad,” she says. “It has to be simple. I can make chicken tenders, and they are good raw veggie eaters. Especially if you give them a nasty ranch dip, they’ll go to town on the broccoli, too. However you get the veggies in, you get the veggies in!”

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