‘Rio’ Star Leslie Mann Talks Kids, Movies, And Finding Balance

Actress and celebrity mom Leslie Mann shares her struggles with postpartum depression, keeping balance between work and family, and her best beauty tips for moms.

She says that her daughters, Maude, 13, and Iris, 8, are staying grounded despite growing up with famous parents (her husband is super producer Judd Apatow):

“I think they are used to it and they really have a very normal life. They just see this as our job.”

Leslie’s oldest daughter is actually embarrassed by the way she dresses instead of the other way around:

My 13 year old is embarrassed of some of the clothes that I wear.  She is super conservative and she loves ’50s music, I don’t know where it came from, but I’m glad.

She also shares that she’d be okay if her kids wanted to be in showbiz, but so far they aren’t too interested:

No she doesn’t. But she’s a really good singer. But it doesn’t seem like she wants to pursue it. We’ve had her in musical theater for a long time, and she doesn’t want to do it any more.

Leslie shares her “worst” parenting moment:
Letting my 13 year old daughter watch four seasons of South Park while we were in Hawaii.  That’s pretty bad.  And we watched it together and the show is not the best content for her age.

She admits that she struggles to find balance, just like all moms.  And shares her struggle with what she thinks was postpartum depression:

Yes, it is hard.  It was really hard in the beginning when I first became pregnant it was just such a shocker.  I was depressed for about five years, And I don’t know if I really had postpartum depression because back then no one would talk about it.  I went to therapists who tried to prescribe me medication, but it didn’t work. I’d say it went on until I was three months pregnant with my second daughter, I was feeling pretty bad.  And then, it just lifted.  And I remember thinking, ‘is this going happen again with my second one?’  But it didn’t and it hasn’t yet.

One of the best things about being a parent:

My eight year old loves to cuddle with me.  She’s always holding my hand.  All day, she’ll catch up to me and hold my hand. She’s just really sweet and cuddly and I love that.

When asked if she had any good parenting advice for others:

Good parenting advice? Hmm, I don’t know, I feel like I’m just learning. Sometimes, I’m just winging it. It changes from day to day.

Leslie’s best beauty tip:

Well, from when Maude was born until Iris was five, I have to admit that I didn’t work much to look good. I just didn’t care and yes, I looked really bad. But then I started to get it together because I decided that I wanted to start working more. And most importantly I started exercising.  That helps.  And then, there’s a clay mask that I use, I actually used it today.  It’s called Aztec Clay, and you can get it at Whole Foods.  And you mix it with apple cider and vinegar.  It’s awesome and will give you a nice healthy glow. Oh well, it burns your face a bit.  You apply it and it will burn, but it makes your skin really tight & clear. I only use it before I have a work event.  It helps when I wake up with big creases in my face, a blemish, whatever. It’s called like Aztec Clay.  It’s about $5 at Whole Foods.

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