The Baby Sense Secret by Megan Faure

This is the book I wish I had when all 4 of my children were babies. The Baby Sense Secret really is a “user manual” for babies and it will take you straight through the first year. The books offers was to decode your baby’s moods and signals so that you all end up happier. If you’ve already had a baby, you know how helpful this would be to have throughout that first year. If you’re pregnant, buy it now. If you’re not, make it your go to baby shower gift or be ready to buy it when your own baby comes along. Already have a baby or two, there’s still plenty in here for you too. As a mother of 4 children very close in age, I can say that not only is each one different, but I’m usually too tired to remember the painfully learned lessons form the previous baby and so very often wish I had a reference manual that could help me figure out what to do or not do to make my babies happy.

The Baby Sense Secret gives you the information you need to have a happy, secure baby, or at least help you get there with much less fretting, crying and stress than you would without it. In the heat of the moment when your baby is just screaming, it’s so great to have this to fall back on, to remind you that sometimes when you think is your baby saying, I’m having fun, is really your baby saying, I’m way beyond overstimulated and about to start screaming unless you get me out of here. The book starts at the very beginning and takes you through how to decode what your baby is saying for that first year, long before your baby can actually say, I need to be picked up, I need to be held, I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, I’m sick or I just need some quiet time. There is also information on how to adapt your life to the baby’s and what can seem like an overwhelming move into a life you just can’t understand until you’re in it- sleep & sleep issues, feeding, personality, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, transition to solids, developmental milestones, routines, calming, colic and so much more. The final 7 chapters present the same information adapted to a specific age range, so you now how to proceed once your baby switches things up on you as they grow, which babies always do.

The Baby Sense Secret will help give you the tools, confidence and support to understand what your baby needs at each stage of the first year. Understanding your baby’s needs and how to decode the ever changing moods will help you both have a calmer day and fewer sleepless nights, so that you can establish a routine that works for everyone, spending less time just fretting over why your sweet baby is screaming and wondering what you can do to make it end.

This amazing book is the latest addition to the Baby Sense Line which is now available in the United States through Kastel International. In addition to the Baby Sense books, the Baby Sense product collection includes the Baby Sense Burp Cloth, Baby Sense Cuddlewrap, Baby Sense Nurture Nest, Baby Sense Feeding Shawl, Baby Sense Receiving Blankets, Baby Sense Sling and Baby Sense Summer and Winter Sleepy Sacs. Baby Sense was founded in 2005 by Megan Faure (BSc, OT, OTR, Mother), an occupational therapist who has worked for more than a decade in the pediatrics field in several countries including the USA, UK, and South Africa.  Baby Sense and The Baby Sense Secret aims to give parents the tools to understand their baby’s sensory world by reading baby’s body language and signals and then being able to respond accordingly making happier babies and parents. Could there be anything better than that?

For more information on Baby Sense, visit Baby Sense products are available online at and at leading specialty juvenile products stores nationwide

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