Alyson Hannigan Talks Parenting In ‘Parent & Child’ Magazine

Alyson Hannigan and her husband Alexis Denisof are letting their daughter, Satyana, learn the skills needed to develop into her own person. She shared with Parent & Child magazine:

“I’d like to have a sign for the playground that says, ‘It’s okay if your kid takes my kid’s toy. Don’t freak out.’ It’s to be expected. My kid’s going to take any toy she can take, too. Developmentally, she doesn’t understand yet what’s mine and what’s yours.”

Alyson also shared that respect is a top priority in their house:

“My husband and I respect Satyana the way we respect each other, the way we like to be respected. The idea is to let her develop skills on her own. So if two kids are having a conflict over a toy, we don’t want to step in and solve it for them. In my experience, if you let the kids take care of things, they figure it out quickly. Often it’s the parents that have the problem.”

Alyson shares that Satyana has a great sense of comedy:

She knows she’s funny, too. Like whenever she does something cute, she gets this smile on her face and announces, ‘Funny baby!’” Hannigan shares. “If she’s in a giggly mood, and she often is, just the word ‘twig’ can have her going for 15 minutes.”

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