Khloe Kardashian Talks Fertility Issues

Khloe Kardashian is worried that people will think she’s not fertile to produce offspring.

The famous Kardashian sister has been highly anticipated of getting pregnant since her marriage to L.A. Lakers player Lamar Odom in September 2009.  She’s considering to visit a doctor about any fertility issues.

“I feel like I’m letting people down. Other people are so into my getting pregnant and want it to happen,” Khloe said. “A lot of blogs and magazines even thought I got married because I was pregnant. Now they probably think I’m barren. I get so stressed out about it!

“Lamar so wants to have kids, and I do too. But ‘trying’ to have a baby is so serious. We’ve been trying for only a couple of months. If a couple of years go by and it still hasn’t happened, then I’ll go to the doctor to see if something’s wrong.”

She added,

“I guess it’s just not my time yet. I’m not desperate to have a baby right now, but if I got pregnant tomorrow, I’d be over-the-moon excited.”

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