Jada Pinkett Smith Isn’t Afraid Of Willow Smith Growing Up Too Fast

Momma Jada Pinkett Smith has no fear her already successful daughter Willow Smith is growing up too fast.

Jada believes she’s given her children – including son Jaden Smith – the freedom to express their creativity and make their own choices is good for them.

“I see my children as little people, not necessarily people to control,” Jada said. “You’ve got to help them develop and become individuals. You have to find out who they are but enforce boundaries to keep them safe.

“She’s simply being creative. I’m not worried about her growing up too soon.”

The actress also has admitted she loves being a mother and has found it easier to put family before work as she’s gotten older.

“I’m very clear about what my priority is and that’s my family,” she said. “I used to struggle juggling work and family at the beginning. It’s hard when you change from being single to being married to being a mother.

“But now I’m turning 40, I’ve found a peaceful compromise. I feel very content.”

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