Matt Damon Knows All The Disney Princesses

Raising four girls does come with a price – actor Matt Damon knows all the Walt Disney princesses.

“No job is as important to me as my role as father,” he said.

“Whenever I get the impression that a project is taking me away from my family too much, I get out of it.

“I do actually know all of the Disney princesses unfortunately. Disney knows exactly how to speak to three year olds — unbelievable!

“It’s a wonderful new world. I’m really happy that I have daughters. My brother has two sons that are teenagers now. And they’re like a different species!”

However, four girls does keep Damon pretty busy.

“As soon as the alarm clock rings, you have the feeling that you’re running all day long,” the actor says. “But we knew that it would be like this as soon as we brought the [youngest one] home the first night… After a while we got used to the rhythm of it.”

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