Celebrity Baby Birthday: Liam Aaron McDermott

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are celebrating the birthday of their son Liam today.  Liam turns 4 years old today!  Tori tweeted:

I remember 4yrs ago right now wasN labor awaiting my baby Liam Aaron McDermott. Knew I’d soon know luv like nevr B4. Made my dreams come trU

Liam’s parents are putting a Ghostbusters themed party for him today!  Check out the “proton packs” that Dean made! Pretty impressive.

Proton Packs done…Next we tackle backyard Ghostbuster haunted house we R making.Well, @deanracer will build it& i’ll decorate 🙂 Teamwork!

Closeup Proton Pack @deanracer made4 Ghostbustr prty 2morrow.Thy hve tubes hooked up2silly string 4kids 2spray

He wants a SLIMER CAKE!Looked evrywhre4 Marshmallow man costume. No luck!

I hope she shares pictures of the kids playing with those Proton Packs. I’m trying to envision 40 kids with silly string devices.

We hope your day is FANTASTIC, Liam!  From the sound of it, it’s going to be a fun day for you today!

Photos by Fame & Tori’s Twitter Page

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