No More Kids For Charlie Sheen

Thankfully Charlie Sheen has vowed not to have anymore children.

The actor – who is currently involved in a custody battle with estranged wife Brooke Mueller – doesn’t plan on knocking up anyone else.

I can’t seem to keep the ones I already have. So no, I don’t want any more kids,” Charlie told PopEater.

Charlie recently went to court earlier this week in a custody battle with Brooke to keep their sons Bob and Max.  Brooke has taken out a temporary restraining order against him, and friends insist he wouldn’t have taken action if he wasn’t concerned about Brooke’s parenting abilities.

“You can say whatever you want about Charlie, but he is a good father,” a source said.

“If Charlie wasn’t so concerned with Brooke’s mothering skills and her addictions, he would be more than happy to let her have full custody, just as Denise does with his daughters.”

Hmmm, now there’s something to think about.

Another insider had added:

“He can’t stand by and allow them to live with someone he doesn’t think is a good parent,” said the pal.

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