Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart Adopting?

Harrison Ford and wife Calista Flockhart are planning to adopt a child – or at least rumor has it.

The married couple already raise ten-year-old Liam, who Calista adopted in 2001 – and now their looking to give him a sibling.

“Calista has been gung-ho about adopting another child for quite some time. Harrison will do whatever it takes to make her happy,” a source said.

“If all goes as planned, they should have their latest addition by the end of the year.

“Liam is the only dad Liam has ever known. At first, Harrison was reluctant to adopt again because of his age. But he’s in amazing shape and does his best to keep up with Liam.

“He’s also ready to totally dedicate himself to being a full-time father.

“Calista is thrilled. Harrison is everything she’s ever wanted in a guy and adding to their family will be a blessing for them all.”

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