Celebrity Baby Birthday: Sam Sheen

Celebrating her 7th birthday today is Sam Sheen, daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

Supermom Denise will be the hit of Sam’s classmates today – she Tweeted:

“Put the final touches on Sami’s bday gift. She turns 7 tomorrow!! Very fancy pink wrapping paper!

“Got Sprinkles cupcakes for her class tomorrow..yum. Snuck one myself, so delish!!!!

Denise is such a doting mom, I’d love to know what she bought for Sam’s gift!

Happy Birthday Sam!  We hope your day is fantastic and magical!

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  1. Smile! says

    Hope she has a great birthday and cracks a smile! Cute kid but don’t think I’ve ever seen anything but that sullen face. But then It’d be hard to smile when your dad’s an international train wreck. At least she has a great Mom 🙂

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