Kelly Osbourne Wants A Baby With Her Gay Best Friend

After having her heart broken by Luke Worrall last year, Kelly Osbourne says she’s tired of straight men..even though she recently started dating again.  She shares:

I’m fed up with straight men – I’d love a baby with my gay best friend Nate. We’d be the perfect parents and my mum would love it!”

Kelly just started dating 26-year-old musician Rob Damiani, but wants to keep the details private:

“It’s true, I’m having fun getting to know someone new. I met Rob over in the UK recently, and I want to take things slowly, so that means keeping some things private.”

You know what they say about being attracted to those guys who remind you of your dad; it’d make perfect sense for Kelly to marry a musician.

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  1. jasmine says

    Hi kelly how are you i just had a newborn and i dont want to put him up for adoption but i will let you adopt him if you like i dont have any help with him and its hard. contact me please so we can talk.
    my email is:

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