Jessica Alba Talks Pregnancy And Potty Training

Jessica Alba opened up about her pregnancy, potty training Honor Marie, and the importance of reading to her.

She shares that she and husband Cash Warren will find out the sex of the baby ahead of time:

“We’re going to find out, but we probably won’t announce it. We did the same with Honor.”

On feeling sexy while pregnant:

“I just don’t associate being pregnant with being sexy. I think being pregnant is grounding and you feel like part of the earth and connected with women. It’s not a sex thing to me. It’s a grounding, maternal thing.”

On potty training:

“She has a Potty Time book with animals that she’s obsessed with. It teaches you manners like washing your hands and closing the door … basic little kid manners”

On teaching Honor to read:

Horton Hatches the Egg is her favorite.  We read that at least four times a week because she likes the same book over and over again. Usually, it’s more than that because we read throughout the day. And at night, we read at least two or three stories.”

I try to identify small words for her to read. We’ve got it down to ‘bed’ — the one word if she sees it, she knows it. And ‘Honor.’ She can identify the letters in her name. So we play little games while we’re reading and I’ll say, ‘Can you find the ‘H’ on the page or the ‘O.’ Her name is the easiest thing for her to identify.”

Jessica admits that things are less scary the second time around:

You accept that you’re going to make mistakes, that you’re going to try your hardest and you’ll love them with your everything,” says Alba. “That’s all you can do.”

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