Kourtney Kardashian In Breastfeeding Withdrawal

Kourtney Kardashian wasn’t happy to stop breastfeeding her 15-month-old son Mason.

When she made the difficult decision to stop nursing, she had to ween both the baby and her off the breast fed milk.

“It’s traumatizing! I mean, everyone would say, ‘It’s time, it’s time, come on.’ I started to stop a little bit, weaning and all that, and I’m like, ‘Why am I doing this? If I’m happy and he’s happy’,” she said.

“So I said, ‘Let me see when he asks me for it’ – which is like, he doesn’t talk, just pulling at my shirt a little. So I said, ‘Let me see, and he only asked once a night.’ So I did it and he just stopped. I’m like, ‘I just want to do what he wants.’ ”

Kourtney — who is dating Scott Disick — says she is having withdrawal symptoms but knows it’s probably for the best.

“I do have withdrawals,” she said. “It’s really sad, it’s over. But I don’t know … whatever is meant to be.”

When asked if it was an incentive to have another baby, Kourtney, 31, replied, “We’ll see.”

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