David Arquette Shares What He Told Daughter Coco About His Rehab Stay

Celebrity dad David Arquette was on Oprah this week and shared with her the struggle he’s gone through before and after his split with Courteney Cox.  David struggled with alcohol, but got help in rehab and was recently released.  He shared how he explained things to daughter Coco:

“I told her at first I had to go away to a camp, so maybe that part wasn’t honest, but it kind of was.

But then Coco came to visit and he had to tell her the truth:

“(I said) ‘I’m here to learn how to be a better person, but I’m also here so that I don’t drink anymore, because I’ve been drinking a lot’.”

David also talked about his love for Courteney and what a great team they are as parents.

Did you catch the interview yesterday?  I have a lot of respect for David for getting help and trying to better his life for the sake of his family.  I’m really crossing my fingers for these two to work things out.

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