Cuddly Plush Toys from North American Bear Company!

I’m a sucker for stuffed animals! Always have been…always will be! I’m a mom of 2 and I STILL sleep with a stuffed animal. I know…I know….but I do! My daughter has inherited my love of plush toys! She has a “toy hammock” in the corner of her room that is overloaded with stuffed animals! I only let her keep about 3 or 4 down to sleep with. It was getting to be a little much in the bedtime routine when she was asking for 15 different animals by name! She names every single one of them too!

Since we are “Plush Toy Connoissuers” I won’t just buy her any toy. I like well-made toys that will last through night after night…month after month of being played with, slept with and washed over and over again! I found North American Bear Company which is an amazing company that offers extremely well made, super-soft and super plush toys! I was so impressed with the “Smushy” line of animals. They really live up to their name!

Smushy Monkey

Topsy Turvy Doll

Do you remember the Topsy Turvy dolls from when you were a kid? I had one of these and I got one for my daughter because it brought back so many great memories from my childhood!

Check out these Monsters!!! North American Bear Company offers a line of “Make My own Monster!” Toys!!! You can buy monsters already created by kids or your child can make their own!! How cool is that?!

These adorable plush toys would make a great gift for birthdays, holiday’s or even a “Get Well” gift!

You can check out the full line of North American Bear Products on their website

*company provided sample for review

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