Alyssa Milano Is Craving Broccoli

Alyssa Milano is pregnant with her first child and she already has pregnancy cravings – broccoli!

“I can’t even consider it a craving because it’s so odd,” she said. “But I can’t get enough broccoli!”

Alyssa has also been spending a lot of time with her parents, hoping to soak up their parenting tips.

“As soon as I got pregnant I just didn’t want to leave my mother’s side,” she said. “The amount of time I’ve spent with my parents since I’ve been pregnant is a lot. I think it’s because I want to soak up their brains.”

At three months, Alyssa can sigh a sign of relief after she became paranoid that something would go wrong in the first trimester..

“I was very happy to be out of my first trimester,” she added. “I think that’s the scariest time because you always have it in the back of your head that you could miscarriage at any point. I would say that was my scariest time.”

Photos by Juan Rico/Fame pictures

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