Madonna Wears Lourdes’ Clothing

Madonna constantly annoys her daughter Lourdes – by borrowing the teenager’s clothes without asking.

The Material Girl and her 14-year-old daughter run a fashion line for teens and their styles are so similar, they often borrow each other’s garments.  But Lourdes gets fed up when some of her clothes go missing – only to find out her superstar mum has been raiding her closet.  She tells Access Hollywood,

“(Madonna) does actually (borrow my clothes)… (and) I go into her closet. I’m not supposed to take things without asking, but she’s always taking things without asking.

“I mean, she gets mad at me when I take things without asking her, but… she has such amazing like clothes, so it’s like kind of annoying sometimes… She wears my shoes a lot and she wears my accessories.”

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