Celebrity Sweet Tweets: Tia Mowry, Tori Spelling, And More

Celebrity moms shared some photos and news on their Twitter feeds this week.  I’m addicted to Tori Spelling’s – she’s always sharing pics of her cutie pies!  Actress and mom-to-be Tia Mowry showed off her baby belly at an event last night, too!

ToriSpelling: “Liam&Stella N new beds I found @ Long Beach Flea Market Sun!They Decided 2bunk up! Jst gotta repaint wall!”

Tia Mowry:  “Me from tonights event:) I love my stylist!!!!”

Sherri Shepherd:   “How can one 5 year old make so much noise that it sounds like 12 folks are up there? WHAT IS ALL THAT NOISE! WHAT JUST FELL! JEFFREYYYY”

Kourtney Kardashian:  “try to put Mason in his crib to sleep but he just sleeps so much more soundly and peacefully next to me. I’m happier too, so why do I try?”

Jessica Alba: I think Honor might be done with naps…oh dear god! No more afterns of productivity or rather tweeting, reading blogs and news on net.

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